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Roku and Active Directory

Greetings -

I'm working on a side project for my company to make some videos accessible from home - we would prefer to use the Roku device as a medium by which employees can enter their Active Directory credentials, and have access to video files which are located on a file server on our network. I've been doing research and dabbling with the Roku SDK examples provided, but I'm having trouble in a few key areas.

First of all, I'm unable to find a method by which to authenticate a user. It seems that the Roku device is primarily made to authenticate with webservers, is it possible to have it authenticate with a file server on Active Directory? Any suggestions or experience that anyone could share would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku and Active Directory

Theoretically, you could do that, using roStreamSockets, but you would have to write a client, probably using LDAP for authentication.

- Joel
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Re: Roku and Active Directory

LDAP auth via php/asp/other scripting languages is well covered in web-dev communities, so it's probably easiest to use a server-side script to do the authentication to AD, then follow the guidelines offered in the device registration and linking document and source code example from the sdk: ... nd+Linking ... /register/ - A free web app for Roku Remote Control!
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