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Roku Player - Failing to play past content using mpd manifest


We are developing a video stream app that should be able to play a content from the past through the manifest and the start and end time of the event, however it seems that the Roku is getting a different time than the one passed in the Manifest. E.g.:

The content is available, it should be playing the content from 13:45:00 to 15:15:00, however when we try to play it through the Roku internal streamer test page, it plays a different content, it's not getting the correct timestamps from the manifest (it play something with an higher timestamp, so that is latter in the manifest than the 13:45-15:15). This is working properly in other platforms and we cannot find anything in the server side that be causing the problem.

This problem is occurring both with Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere+.

Is it possible to have some help debugging the problem?


Best regards,
Joao Alves

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