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Roku Media Player Launch Parameters


Does any one know what the ecp launch params are for the roku media player? I'm trying to pass it a url to play on launch but can't find any documentation. Your help is greatly appriciated. 

ie ... h-examples

Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

Presently there are no ECP launch parameters released for external control.
If it is something you want to automatically start playing and your roku has a USB port, you could put that address in a playlist called autostart.m3u in the root directory of the usb drive.
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Channel Surfer

Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

I second the need for deep linking in the Roku Media Player.

I've built a java service that indexes my UPNP server movies to SOLR and an electron app that reads that SOLR index (quickly!) to display the movie covers on a touchscreen UI.

The last step is to tap the movie you want to watch and have Roku Media Player immediately start playback of the selected movie.

I'm able to launch RMP over http, but it looks like that's the end of the line until deep linking is added.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

Well, with the help of the developer documentation, I was able to put together and sideload a prototype brightscript app in about 6 hours that reads contentID/mediaType parameters on launch and starts playback of the media, meeting my requirements.

This was my first Roku app...

So, is the opposition to adding this pretty straightforward functionality to Roku Media Player philosophical?

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Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

Ask @RokuChris 

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Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

Are you able to share more about how you did this?  I've spent days trying to learn how for home automation purposes @roakuser 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Media Player Launch Parameters

I am using Roku's with a video switch and an external encoder for broadcast automation. I start the Roku Medial Player manually on USB folder-based play lists. It works better than expected. But I need more control over the media player USB video content. It's extremely easy in PowerShell to SSDP and ECP.

After I get the ROKU IP via SSDP and start the Roku Video Player via:

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://$($deviceIP):8060/launch/2213" -Method Post

I am able to control the content using Keypress sequences, but it is too high maintenance.

for example:

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://$($deviceIP):8060/keypress/Right" -Method Post
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://$($deviceIP):8060/keypress/Select" -Method Post


One issue with using keypress sequences is the channel remembers where it left off. This can mess up keypress sequences. If I run a bunch of back keypresses, I can start fresh but that's pretty clunky.

Ideally, being able to use the Media Player Search with type Filename would work fine but I can't find any ECP documentation for Roku Media Player Search commands.

The ability to ECP specific Roku Media Player content via search or Rest Call is HIGHLY desirable for use in broadcast automation. I am solutions architect. I have found the Roku Media Player is a low-cost reliable high-quality solution to broadcast automation - If I can control the Media Player content smoothly.

Thank in advance.

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