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Level 7

Roku App User Login like Netflix

I am trying to recreate a login like netflix on roku. 
I have managed to get a body response back from our api however, once I make another call to the api with a different url, the user session is gone.
I have register the cookie in the roku registry and the token that the api sends back. However I get a 404 page trying  to access the page because the user session is gone

If anyone can point us in the right direction, that be helpful. I've search far and wide for a solution.
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Level 11

Re: Roku App User Login like Netflix

HTTP 404 (not found) is not a code you'd usually get because of wrong/missing cookie. Yeah, sure - code can be faked/misused but probably best to review your URLs
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Level 11

Re: Roku App User Login like Netflix

Roku doesn't preserve and resend a session id like a browser would; I don't think you can rely on sessions with Roku.
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Level 9

Re: Roku App User Login like Netflix

If this is done using cookies, the following post might help you:
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