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Roku App Development Help.

I am trying to install my Roku App and its giving me a compilation error yet eclipse (with roku plugin installed) and notepad++ (with brightscript xml file for syntax) have no errors with my code (or in notepad++'s case bad syntax) but yet I get bad syntax. It would be much appreicated if you guys could check my code to see whats wrong and btw I followed the roku guide and I could've messed up because I didn't copy and paste it I typed it in so I will remeber the syntax later on and here are the files for the project:
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Re: Roku App Development Help.

The error message that appears in the console says it all:
------ Compiling dev 'Experimenting with Roku' ------
*** ERROR compiling /pkg:/source/FeedParser.brs:
SUB or FUNCTION defined twice. (compile error &had) in pkg:/source/FeedParser.brs(88) 'loadContent'

You have two functions with the same name (loadContent).  You can't do that.

Once you get past that error there will be plenty more.

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Re: Roku App Development Help.

Thank you so much renojim! Thanks for the help
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