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Roku 4 Scenegraph Video Node not scaling correctly when Display Type = 1080P


we have developed an app on Roku 3 and Roku 2 using Scenegraph. The app automatically scales when we change the resolution (720 and 1080P) on both the devices. When we side loaded the app on Roku 4, app looks good when display type is set to 720 but we are having some issues with the video player when we change the display type to 1080P. 

We have a Video player with dimensions (500x330) (its not a full screen video player) on the home screen. When you click ok on remote, it goes full screen(1280 x 720) and this looks good. When you hit back on remote, app changes width and height of the video player to be (500 x 330)
It looks like the video player is not automatically scaled when display type is switched to 1080P. video player moves away from its fixed location on the screen. Rest everything in the app (ex images/posters, overhangs,  RowLists, settings screen, details screen) are scaled correctly and looks good.

We have set "ui_resolutions=hd" in our manifest file. Is there an issue with Roku Video node that is not scaling correctly.

Can you please help us finding what exactly is the issue and how do we fix it?

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Re: Roku 4 Scenegraph Video Node not scaling correctly when Display Type = 1080P

I have got the same problem with you. I resolved it by set "ui_resolutions=hd, fhd" in your manifest file and adjusting the layout size.
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