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Required content videos missing


I have had a developer build a Roku feed builder plugin for WordPress. It is working for all the users using it, but my own feed isn't working. I am getting errors

1 item has an error: No valid items were found in the feed: validate

59 items have error: Required content videos missing.

We are not passing in videos in the feed, we are passing in shortFormVideos instead.

The feed can be seen here
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Level 11

Re: Required content videos missing

Sorry but thats funny.

You paid a developer to build it.
You are charging people $40 a month and up to use it.
You want people here to figure our whats wrong with it....for free.
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Level 10

Re: Required content videos missing

LiamBaily, Were you able to find out what was causing the problem? I have a similar one and was wondering.
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