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Level 7

Register to player events and showing videos

Hey. 2 un-related question.

#1: How do I get events when the player loaded, play, pause, seeked and so on?
I understand i need to register a port object to a roVideoPlayer and wait on a loop for event messages, but I must be doing something wrong.
Need some info how to do it and when/where in the app life cycle.

#2: your support until now was amazing so I am now able to fully communicate with our server. and get the videos info.
How, and when, do I add them to a list of of items I have on screen?

Thanks a lot,

EDIT for issue #2: I now have a a task xml file that does all the communication work, and passes the data in a callback to the VideoGridScene.
But still, how do I add them to a list of of items I have on screen?
(#1 is still a question.)
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Level 9

Re: Register to player events and showing videos

If you're using Scene Graph you won't be using roVideoPlayer, you'll be using a Video component.

Set up a field observer for any of the Video node fields you wish to observe, e.g:

in init():

m.videoNode ="myVideoNode")
m.videoNode.ObserveField("state", "onState")

define your observer function:

sub onState()
    print "Video state: "; m.videoNode.state
end sub

There are other fields you may want to observe as well: errorCode, errorMsg, bufferingStatus, etc., etc.
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