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Level 7

Regarding filter banner in roPosterScreen


I have three items in filter banner like Menu1,Menu2,Menu3
If the focus is on Menu2 then filter banner is perfectly filled or we can see all the three items.
But if focus is on Menu1 we can see only two items Menu1 and Menu2 there is a space on the left side of Menu1.
same when focusing on Menu3 can see only two items Menu2 and Menu3 there is space on the right side of Menu3.

When I am on "Menu 1" Is there a way to display "Menu3" on the left of "Menu 1"
When I am on "Menu 3" can I display "Menu 1" on the right of the "Menu 3"?
In other words, I want these menus to move in a "circular motion" that way anytime user is on one "Menu" item
they can see others on the side.

Hope you understand my issue, really appreciate a quick help.

Ravi Pulluri.
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Level 7

Re: Regarding filter banner in roPosterScreen

This should work. Just duplicate the first and last item.

port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
ps = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
ps.SetListStyle( "arced-portrait" )
ps.SetListDisplayMode( "scale-to-fit" )

ps.SetListNames( ["3","1","2","3","1"] )

ps.SetFocusedList( 2 )

while true
msg = wait( 0, port )
i = msg.GetIndex()
if msg.isScreenClosed() then
exit while
else if msg.isListFocused()
if i = 0 i = 3
if i = 4 i = 1
ps.SetFocusedList( i )
end if
end while
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Level 9

Re: Regarding filter banner in roPosterScreen

There is no way to change this behavior of the filter bar.... It behaves as a circular list with an "empty slot" marking the end of the list. This is so users have visual feedback on where the end of the list is.

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