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Level 7

Regading roSearch Screen

In roSearchScreen if we are showing the history or suggestions can user select that keywords without typing whole word.

if the history has these keywords website,channelname,roku.
when typing in rosearchscreen can user the channelname which is in history which we are showing beside the searchkeyboard...

Ravi Pulluri.
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Level 9

Re: Regading roSearch Screen

Yes. The idea is that you can show recent searches from your history, or fill it with search suggestions as the user types in letters. Please see the example in Section 4.7 of the component reference guide. The idea is that you will get a new isPartialResult() each time the user enters a new letter. In your response to that event, you should be calling a web service on your site that returns a partial result that you can display on the right hand list of the screen.

When the user selects an item from the list or the "Search" button below the keyboard, an isFullResult() event is returned. In response to that event you can save the search term in your history and then take another action like launch a poster screen that returns a feed of content from your website for the search full result in the event.Message.

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