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Recording from Roku

I understand that we can not record from Roku, movies. But what about programs like God's Learning Channel? We have recorded them before on our Free To Air Satellite, in fact they encourage people to record, And how can we set up the Roku to be used with a DVD/VCR Recorder? There has to be a way! Any suggestions? Thanks! Darrell
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Re: Recording from Roku

you'd just hook tv out port from roku to vcr/dvd recorder/video card and sound card on computer's in port... and done.

Glad to see another FTA person on here. I used to hang out on forums all the time. We had to move to an apartment recently so I went to roku instead of fta. I still have the dish and will put it up if we ever move somewhere where it's logical to do so.

Lots of fun stuff on fta up there in the sky ready for grabbing. 😉 -channel lists/tools -fta -linear channels
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Re: Recording from Roku

Are you talking about the HDMI cable to the DVD instead of the TV

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