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Recommend a good router for development environment

Can I get some good router recommendations I am running Windows 10 and have an old DLINK DIR-825, I had to use a wired roku because I could never get to the ip address of the wireless Roku's in my TCL televisions. Also for some reason my wired router even though on same subnet and with firewall off my roku on cannot  connect to a local web server at which is my normal desktop computer.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Recommend a good router for development environment

you don't need a special router to connect to/from a Roku.

the issues you have experienced, i'd suspect say wireless isolation being enabled in the router (that's when it block wifi-to-wifi connections, randomly googled info here ... -isolation) - or maybe one of the devices is connected to a "guest zone" and routing between zones is not enabled (see here ... 1130EN.pdf)?
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