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RSS Feed

I would like to do the following in roscreen . If some one could spare sample code would help me.

1. i want to partition the display area into 3 . on one quadrant, i want to display streaming video (live)
2. 2nd quadrant i want to display a static image , but rotates every 30 sec . I believe i can achieve this using a timer.
3. I want to display a scrolling text . I am thinking of getting a live Twitter feed (RSS) or some sort of RSS live feed to display news.

I believe i can able to do 1 & 2 but not sure how to do a rolling text (news ) playing.

If some one could share a snip of code how to read (frequent update) and display a scrolling text would help.

Thanks a lot for your time in advance.
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Level 7

Re: RSS Feed

Hi ,
is it doable by roku? i.e. live RSS feed display ?
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