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I am having an issue using TVOD in ROKU SDK. There is an example I found provided by the ROKU team that does not seem to work. Here is the link to the sample code I am using.
The issue that I am getting is that using this sample code, the ROKU screen that asks for user pin to approve a purchase seen to go into a loop and the purchase approval never completes successfully.  The pattern is as follows

Enter Pin Screen -> I Agree with Payment -> Enter Pin Screen (Again) - I agree with payment (Again) -> Enter Pin Screen and so for ....

This happens after you select a movie for purchase and enter your pin and agree with purchase. 

Unfortunately, there is no feed back as to what is going on a reason why you are asked to enter your pin again.

Has anyone run into this situation? Any piece of information that can help me resolve this issue will be highly appreciated.

Here is a video of the behavior. ... sp=sharing

Kind Regards,
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