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RAF disable pausing ads


We are having issues with Roku ads framework. When an ad is playing, we are able to pause the ads but no indicator shows up. We want to be able to override the RAF onKeyEvent function and make it so that ads cannot be paused. Does anyone have an idea how we can cleanly do this? Here is the event we get when we pause during ad playback: 

[RAF] render.onKeyEvent("play", true): 13

I noticed that the RAF sample app from Roku also pauses without any indication when ads are playing. Maybe it's intentional behaviour? 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: RAF disable pausing ads

Currently RAF does not show Pause indicator, though a future API may. I believe ATM you could use setTrackingCallback() to listen for Pause/Resume events and display your own indicator.

Disabling altogether pause/resume of video ads is not supported by RAF, this is by design - otherwise it's a bad experience, it is too different from watching main content and the lack of any control by the viewer reflects bad on the channel.
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Re: RAF disable pausing ads

Hello, I also want to ask this question. I want to pause the advertisement. Pop up a dialog and choose to continue playing the advertisement or quit. Can it be achieved?
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