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Level 7

RAF ad player size

Is there a way to set the RAF ad player's size? The content player is 720x405 but the ad player still plays as if fullscreen.

I am passing in the video's parent as the third argument of showAds()
m.view = video.getParent()
m.RAF.showAds(m.adPods, invalid, m.view)

   <Rectangle id="videoPlayerContainer" width="720" height="405" translation="[0,70]" clippingRect="[0,0,720,405]">

Thanks in advance. 
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Level 7

Re: RAF ad player size

Did you get solution for this ? I am facing the same problem

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Level 7

Re: RAF ad player size

Have you tried

setAdConstraints(maxHeight as Integer, maxWidth as Integer, maxBitrate as Integer, supportedMimeTypes as Object)

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