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Questions about using Roku Install ads to monetise content. Installs vs sales

Hi there.

I have a Roku "channel", and I offer 3 paid "subscriptions" only, no free content. I will use quotes when I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology as I am the owner not developed and I cleary misunderstand what is going on. I recently purchased Roku Ads for INSTALLS. Roku ads told be I had 400 installs. I however only got 7 sales.

So my first question is...( as I have not found this answer on the Roku Advertising Site) does an install equal a sale. When I go to Roku support about how to install a ROKU channel I see this language:

  1. If the channel is “free” then you can select Add Channel to install the channel on your Roku device.
  2. If the channel is “paid”, then you can select Buy $X.XX in order to purchase and install the channel.

So since I only have paid content, how can I have an install without a sale?


Thank you so much in advance.

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