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Re: Publishing woes

Removing all channels that are signed with the same key will clear the registry. Another method is a factory reset but removing the channels first and then readding them should do the trick.
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Re: Publishing woes

"dynamitemedia" wrote:
@ RenoJim

actually the code does nothing, i tried inside a function no good outside tosses out errors...

Thanks for trying.

I would like to know more about this reglist however

That's strange. I did leave out the flush that should be at the end (i.e., myreg.Flush()). It works for me. I would add some prints to see what's going on:

myreg = CreateObject("roRegistry")
reglist = myreg.GetSectionList()
print reglist.Count();" sections"
for each sect in reglist
print sect
end for

You have to keep in mind that you can't modify a registry in a signed package from outside of that package. In other words, you can't run the above code from an app you download through the "Development Application Installer" web page of your Roku (known as sideloading). You have to put it in your app, package it and upload it to Roku, download it to your box via the Channel Store, run your channel which should execute the code to delete everything (obviously, the prints won't do anything), then modify your code to take out the registry deleting stuff, repackage and reupload to Roku, and then you should be good to go. If the registry is really becoming a problem, you might want to just put the above code in it's own "RunUserInterface" routine and package it as it's own private channel. Then you can add that channel to your box to delete the registry at will while you're getting things straightened out.

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