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Roku Guru

Problem with packaging

I was packaging this code for the channel
sub Main(params)
' lengthy (20+ min.) TED talk to allow time for testing multiple ad pods
videoContent = { streamFormat : "mp4" } = { url: "",
bitrate: 800,
quality: false
end sub
Function PlayVideoContent(content as Object) as Object
' roVideoScreen just closes if you try to resume or seek after ad playback,
' so just create a new instance of the screen...
videoScreen = CreateObject("roVideoScreen")
' need a reasonable notification period set if midroll/postroll ads are to be
' rendered at an appropriate time
return videoScreen
End Function
Sub PlayContentWithAds(videoContent as Object)
canvas = CreateObject("roImageCanvas")
canvas.SetLayer(1, {color: "#000000"})
canvas.SetLayer(2, {text: "Loading..."})
adIface = Roku_Ads()
print "Roku_Ads library version: " + adIface.getLibVersion()
' Normally, would set publisher's ad URL here. Otherwise uses default Roku ad server (with single preroll placeholder ad)
adPods = adIface.getAds()
playContent = adIface.showAds(adPods) ' show preroll ad pod (if any)
curPos = 0
if playContent
videoScreen = PlayVideoContent(videoContent)
end if
closingContentScreen = false
contentDone = false
while playContent
videoMsg = wait(0, videoScreen.GetMessagePort())
if type(videoMsg) = "roVideoScreenEvent"
if videoMsg.isStreamStarted()
end if
if videoMsg.isPlaybackPosition()
' cache current playback position for resume after midroll ads
curPos = videoMsg.GetIndex()
end if
if not closingContentScreen ' don't check for any more ads while waiting for screen close
if videoMsg.isScreenClosed() ' roVideoScreen sends this message last for all exit conditions
playContent = false
else if videoMsg.isFullResult()
contentDone = true ' don't want to resume playback after postroll ads
end if
' check for midroll/postroll ad pods
adPods = adIface.getAds(videoMsg)
if adPods <> invalid and adPods.Count() > 0
' must completely close content screen before showing ads
' for some Roku platforms (e.g., RokuTV), calling Close() will not synchronously
' close the media player and may prevent a new media player from being created
' until the screen is fully closed (app has received the isScreenClosed() event)
closingContentScreen = true
end if
else if videoMsg.isScreenClosed()
closingContentScreen = false ' now safe to render ads
end if ' closingContentScreen
if not closingContentScreen and adPods <> invalid and adPods.Count() > 0
' now safe to render midroll/postroll ads
playContent = adIface.showAds(adPods)
playContent = playContent and not contentDone
if playContent
' resume video playback after midroll ads
videoContent.PlayStart = curPos
videoScreen = PlayVideoContent(videoContent)
end if
end if ' !closingContentScreen
end if ' roVideoScreenEvent
end while
if type(videoScreen) = "roVideoScreen" then videoScreen.Close()
End Sub

There's an error: Syntax Error (compile error h&02) in $LIVECOMPILE(94)
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