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Problem in playing videos side by side roScreen


I am working on an application in which I am using roVideoPlayer to play videos in windowed player. I am using roScreen too, to get a scrolling functionality for some text in the bottom of screen below windowed video (it cannot be achieved using roImageCanvas, I tried).

This application is playing 720p videos from the videolist but is skipping 1080p videos. We have another application too, and that application is playing same list of 1080p videos without any problem (that application uses roImageCanvas as no extensive graphic work is there in that application). After searching Roku forums and sdk docs I found out that we cannot play 1080p videos side by side roScreen due to memory consumptions. I am currently testing my app on Roku 2. So I wanted to ask if there is any workaround to play 1080p videos with roScreen on all Roku devices or not? or does Roku 3 supports this? as it has double memory than Roku 2.

And one other thing, 720p videos that the application is playing fine have bitrates of almost 4Mbps and 1080p videos that this application is not playing but the other application was playing fine have bitrates of almost 8Mbps. So if we us 1080p videos with bitrates of 4Mbps, can they be played side by side roScreen like 720p videos?
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