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Level 7

Re: Pre Load Channel

"bbakernc" wrote:
I see you have answered the question about "locking" the player so people can't add channels.

Any info on how to Pre load channels on the player when we ship them?

I think the easiest way, especially if you plan on locking them with PIN anyhow as you ship them would be to link them all to the same account. Im not sure if there is a limit as to how many can be on a single account, but I do believe that all RSP's linked to the same account have the same channels available, I could be wrong though.
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Level 9

Re: Pre Load Channel

DerekHelps has a good solution for smaller numbers of Roku's that need the same set of channels from one developer setting up all units....

Contact if you have volume in the hundreds of units or more.

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Level 7

Re: Pre Load Channel

We did contact them and they said, you cant do it.
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