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Level 7

PosterGrid focus


I am trying to use the posterGrid.... but how do you get the focus out of the component... it loops vertically and there is no way to set the FocusAnimationStyle just like for the rows....

Why roku make our life so difficult....

Guys, we are supposed to build nice apps with those components and we cannot even focus out from a posterGrid component...

Please tell me there is something around to prevent the posterGrid from looping so i can focus my navigation menu back.

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Level 10

Re: PosterGrid focus

If you set the "horizFocusAnimationStyle" to "floatingFocus" instead of "fixedFocusWrap", you should get a key event when you reach the extents of the row. Same with "vertFocusAnimationStyle".
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Level 7

Re: PosterGrid focus


nevermind, i did not see that the postergrid was extending ArrayGrid...

i must be very tired 🙂
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