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Poster node scaling/updating

Back with another (and hopefully last) stupid question. Managed to get everything in my channel working well except that regardless of what I set for the height and width of a poster it wants to squash my images to square. I've even listened in on bitmapWidth/bitmapHeight and had the right resolution come through in debug, but they seem to ignore my sizing when rendering. I'm pretty sure it's not an inheritance issue as it's happening in multiple scenes while another poster element in my scene is perfectly fine.

The other problem I'm having is that after running something in the video player the posters that were loaded as part of a custom details page and a rowlist just vanish. I managed to get the details poster back by replacing and reloading it when the video player is closed, but it's kind of a tacky/silly work around. Do I need to force this process on the rowlist as well, or is there something I'm missing again?
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