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Level 9

Playing video in Deep Linking


I have added deep linking into my channel as per Roku guidelines

i am using the hero grid sample as a base

What commands must I use to start the video playing?

This is my test deeplinking account to check that it works and debugger prints deep linking active as per instruction.

if m.deeplinking.DeepContentId <> invalid then

    if (m.deeplinking.DeepMediaType = "short-form" or m.deeplinking.DeepMediaType = "movie" or = "episode") then
       print "deep linking active"
end if
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Level 10

Re: Playing video in Deep Linking

I've got this question too. I've been reading and testing a bunch of different suggestions that I've found (starting with SDK docs, then Stack Overflow, GitHub, etc), but nothing is working. 
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