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Playback DASH strream issue on Firmware 7.5

I'm trying to playback DASH(static Live) stream on Roku 4 with Firmware 7.5. 
But I find it doesn't work. After investigation, I find the root reason.

Below is the origin SegmentTemplate in the mpd file, and it doesn't work.
<SegmentTemplate timescale="25"
        <S t="0" d="50" r="35"/>

If I change the SegmentTemplate to following format. It works. Just remove SegmentTimeline and add startNumber and duration.
<SegmentTemplate timescale="25"
        media="Living-Room-51_720p_25fps_h264_$Number$.mp4" startNumber="1" duration="50"

So it seems that current firmware doesn't support SegmentTimeline, is it correct? If yes, is there any plan to support?
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