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PROBLEM EXPORTING the package to Roku

I am new in all about Roku Developer and working on Mac plataform 😄 , but i was working just OK! with eclipse and exporting my channel into roku.
Now, i am trying to make another channel or a new birghtscript project and i dont see the "Roku Channel template" in the dropmenu ( i had that option before). Also, when i am in the last step to export I received a message that a need the password key, I press the button to get a new one and it stay forever trying to do something and nothing happens.

Also, received an error on line 176 about the child something :shock:
Check out this link

Something can help me?...PLEAASEEEE

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Roku Guru

Re: PROBLEM EXPORTING the package to Roku

You are suffering issues with the "eclipse plugin" for Roku, add that to the title. I can't help - never met the man
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