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OS 9.2 breaks buffering status notification of video component


Affected version: Roku OS 9.2 Build 4131

Device: Roku Ultra 4640X

Video component stopped sending buffering status notification on time.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Play video (smooth stream in my case)

2. Throttle connection.

3. At some point video freezes on the last fetched frame.

4. The video component status is still "playing".

5. After some time video component notifies about "buffering" status.


There is an unexpected delay before updating video component status to buffering from playing. The video component looks broken. OS 9.1 is not affected and the buffering status is dispatched as soon as video starts to buffer.


Did anyone notice the same issue? Any workaround? I wouldn't like to wait another 6 months before Roku fixes it.

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Re: OS 9.2 breaks buffering status notification of video component

Hello bird3214,

We've noticed a similar behavior. Our goal is to detect a problem with the video streaming,
so we monitor the "state" variable for errors or excessive buffering time. However, when
the streaming is throttled (streaming url is blocked or its bandwidth limited), the video
freezes, but the "state" variable of the Video node keeps reporting the value "playing"
and does not switch to "buffering". Sometimes "status" switches to "buffering" after ~4mins have elapsed,
but most of the times it keeps reporting "playing" and does not change its value at all,
even when the video is frozen.

Could you share what is the value of the delay you measured for "state" to switch to "buffering".
Also if you throttle the streaming to a specific value of Kbps or just completely blocked it. Any
details would be helpful to track this down.

I also started noticing this issue when our devices updated to Roku OS 9.2.

Device: Roku Express+ 3910X
Affected Version: Roku OS 9.2 build 4131

Regards and Thanks in advance.

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