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New Netflix Release 3.1b4505 not working

I installed it, when I open it the only two option I had was to run two test, one of them was a SSL test. I ran it and in the end it said that 91 entries passed and 21 failed. I do not recall what the second one was called but I ran it as well and everything passed.

I do not have the option to watch and shows or select anything other then the two test. I still have the current public release of Netflix installed and it works fine, was not sure if I had to uninstall it first. I did not have to do so for any of the other apps so I am assuming that is not the case.

I am running a roku 2 XS
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: New Netflix Release 3.1b4505 not working

Are you on the Beta team? If so, you should not be posting to the Developer forums. The current release of Netflix for Roku2 is 3.1 build 4602, and for older devices 2.4 build 6

- Joel
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