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Level 7

Need screen shots of "Settings" and "Channel Store" images

Since Roku for some unknown reason to me won't let us take screen shots of anything BUT our own applications ( :? ) I'm in need of some. I'm hoping that the Roku team at least had the courtesy and foresight to supply some stock images somewhere of various useful screens. I've searched the interwebz and all I find are equally poor camera-taken shots as the ones I've attempted. Smiley Sad

I need the following:

  • main screen showing 'player settings' on the left there and 'channel store' two apps over (default page for most people I presume)

  • interior of 'settings' page showing the menu items on left and gear on right

  • 'about' page showing serial number, version, IP, etc.

  • 'channel store' (maybe the main loading one where it's all purple with just the logo/icon in center) -- NOT a list of other people's apps however.

  • 'updating' screen that happens when you exit 'channel store'

We're trying to show a step by step of how you install our Roku app, and we have users of different languages, so a picture is worth a thousand words. Not to mention, too much text seems overwhelming to most, and I figure if they are using a Roku, then they're probably not that technical to begin with, so we're trying to walk them through with pretty pictures, arrows, highlighting, etc.
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