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Need help bringing up Details screen

I have made a grid layout for my homescreen, it work fine I still have some xml files to create, however, each row is a different Show, and the posters in the rows are different episodes of that said show. I can't get past the home screen however, i'm completely new to brightscript and I am a little lost at this point. If you could guide me in the right direction to move to the details screen and then the video screen I would be very thankful. I will post the content of my SimpleGrid.brs and my appDetailScreen.brs files.

' *********************************************************
' ** Simple Grid Screen Demonstration App
' ** Jun 2010
' ** Copyright (c) 2010 Roku Inc. All Rights Reserved.
' *********************************************************

'** Application startup
Sub Main()

'initialize theme attributes like titles, logos and overhang color

gridstyle = "Flat-Movie"

'set to go, time to get started
while gridstyle <> ""
print "starting grid style= ";gridstyle
gridstyle = showGridScreen(screen, gridstyle)
end while

End Sub

'** Set the configurable theme attributes for the application
'** Configure the custom overhang and Logo attributes
'** These attributes affect the branding of the application
'** and are artwork, colors and offsets specific to the app

Sub initTheme()
app = CreateObject("roAppManager")
End Sub

'** @return The default application theme.
'** Screens can make slight adjustments to the default
'** theme by getting it from here and then overriding
'** individual theme attributes.
Function CreateDefaultTheme() as Object
theme = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")

theme.ThemeType = "generic-dark"

' All these are greyscales
theme.GridScreenBackgroundColor = "#363636"
theme.GridScreenMessageColor = "#808080"
theme.GridScreenRetrievingColor = "#CCCCCC"
theme.GridScreenListNameColor = "#FFFFFF"

' Color values work here
theme.GridScreenDescriptionTitleColor = "#001090"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionDateColor = "#FF005B"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionRuntimeColor = "#5B005B"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionSynopsisColor = "#606000"

'used in the Grid Screen
theme.CounterTextLeft = "#FF0000"
theme.CounterSeparator = "#00FF00"
theme.CounterTextRight = "#0000FF"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetHD = "(190,200)"

theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetSD = "(125,120)"

theme.GridScreenLogoHD = "pkg:/images/GSN-Header.jpg"

theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetHD_X = "0"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetHD_Y = "0"
theme.GridScreenOverhangHeightHD = "165"

theme.GridScreenLogoSD = "pkg:/images/GSN-Header.jpg"
theme.GridScreenOverhangHeightSD = "165"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetSD_X = "0"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetSD_Y = "0"

' to use your own focus ring artwork
'theme.GridScreenFocusBorderSD = "pkg:/images/GridCenter_Border_Movies_SD43.png"
'theme.GridScreenBorderOffsetSD = "(-26,-25)"
'theme.GridScreenFocusBorderHD = "pkg:/images/GridCenter_Border_Movies_HD.png"
'theme.GridScreenBorderOffsetHD = "(-28,-20)"

' to use your own description background artwork
'theme.GridScreenDescriptionImageSD = "pkg:/images/Grid_Description_Background_SD43.png"
'theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetSD = "(125,170)"
'theme.GridScreenDescriptionImageHD = "pkg:/images/Grid_Description_Background_HD.png"
'theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetHD = "(190,255)"

return theme
End Function

'** Perform any startup/initialization stuff prior to
'** initially showing the screen.
Function preShowGridScreen(style as string) As Object

screen = CreateObject("roGridScreen")
' screen.SetDisplayMode("best-fit")

return screen

End Function

'** Display the gird screen and wait for events from
'** the screen. The screen will show retreiving while
'** we fetch and parse the feeds for the show posters
Function showGridScreen(screen As Object, gridstyle as string) As string

print "enter showGridScreen"
categoryList = getCategoryList()

' list holders
showListAnglerWest = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListBetterBuilt = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListCastIron = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListDRT = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListEastonBow = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListFrontier = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListKillCliff = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListJoeyMines = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListPredatorNation = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListSmacked = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListOutdoorsmanTable = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListTracks = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")

' get lists
showListAnglerWest = getShowsForCategoryAnglerWest(categoryList[0])
showListBetterBuilt = getShowsForCategoryBetterBuilt(categoryList[1])
showListCastIron = getShowsForCategoryCastIron(categoryList[2])
showListDRT = getShowsForCategoryDRT(categoryList[3])
showListEastonBow = getShowsForCategoryEastonBow(categoryList[4])
showListFrontier = getShowsForCategoryFrontier(categoryList[5])
showListKillCliff = getShowsForCategoryKillCliff(categoryList[6])
showListJoeyMines = getShowsForCategoryJoeyMines(categoryList[7])
showListPredatorNation = getShowsForCategoryPredatorNation(categoryList[8])
showListSmacked = getShowsForCategorySmacked(categoryList[9])
showListOutdoorsmanTable = getShowsForCategoryOutdoorsmanTable(categoryList[10])
showListTracks = getShowsForCategoryTracks(categoryList[11])

' push lists to grid screen
screen.SetContentList(0, showListAnglerWest)
screen.SetContentList(1, showListBetterBuilt)
screen.SetContentList(2, showListCastIron)
screen.SetContentList(3, showListDRT)
screen.SetContentList(4, showListEastonBow)
screen.SetContentList(5, showListFrontier)
screen.SetContentList(6, showListKillCliff)
screen.SetContentList(7, showListJoeyMines)
screen.SetContentList(8, showListPredatorNation)
screen.SetContentList(9, showListSmacked)
screen.SetContentList(10, showListOutdoorsmanTable)
screen.SetContentList(11, showListTracks)


while true
print "Waiting for message"
msg = wait(0, m.port)
'msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort()) ' getmessageport does not work on gridscreen
print "Got Message:";type(msg)
if type(msg) = "roGridScreenEvent" then
print "msg= "; msg.GetMessage() " , index= "; msg.GetIndex(); " data= "; msg.getData()
if msg.isListItemFocused() then
print"list item focused | current show = "; msg.GetIndex()
else if msg.isListItemSelected() then
row = msg.GetIndex()
selection = msg.getData()
print "list item selected row= "; row; " selection= "; selection

' Did we get a selection from the gridstyle selection row?
if (row = 0)
' yes, return so we can come back with new style
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListAnglerWest, selection)

if (row = 1)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListBetterBuilt, selection)

if (row = 2)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListCastIron, selection)

if (row = 3)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListDRT, selection)

if (row = 4)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListEastonBow, selection)

if (row = 5)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListFrontier, selection)

if (row = 6 )
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListKillCliff, selection)

if (row = 7)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListJoeyMines, selection)

if (row = 8)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListPredatorNation, selection)

if (row = 9)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListSmacked, selection)

if (row = 10)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListOutdoorsmanTable, selection)

if(row = 11)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailsScreen(showListTracks, selection)

'm.curShow = displayShowDetailScreen(showList[msg.GetIndex()])
else if msg.isScreenClosed() then
return ""
end if
end If
end while

End Function

'** When a poster on the home screen is selected, we call
'** this function passing an roAssociativeArray with the
'** ContentMetaData for the selected show. This data should
'** be sufficient for the springboard to display
Function displayShowDetailScreen(category as Object, showIndex as Integer) As Integer

'return 1
if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "displayShowDetailScreen") = false return -1

shows = getShowsForCategoryItem(category, m.curCategory)
screen = preShowDetailScreen(category.Title,[m.curCategory].Title)
showIndex = showDetailScreen(screen, shows, showIndex)

return showIndex

End Function

'** Return the list of categories to display in the filter
'** banner. The result is an roArray containing the names of
'** all of the categories. All just static data for the example.
Function getCategoryList() As Object

categoryList = [ "Angler West TV", "Better Built World of Outdoors", "Cast Iron Ranger", "Dead Right There", "Easton Bowhunting", "Frontier Unlimited", "Kill Cliff Outdoors", "Outdoors With Joey Mines", "Predator Nation", "Smacked TV", "The Outdoorsman's Table", "Tracks Across Africa"]
return categoryList

End Function

'** Given the category from the filter banner, return an array
'** of ContentMetaData objects (roAssociativeArray's) representing
'** the shows for the category. For this example, we just cheat and
'** create and return a static array with just the minimal items
'** set, but ideally, you'd go to a feed service, fetch and parse
'** this data dynamically, so content for each category is dynamic
Function getShowsForCategoryAnglerWest(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionAnglerWest()
showListAnglerWest = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListAnglerWest

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryBetterBuilt(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionBetterBuilt()
showListBetterBuilt = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListBetterBuilt

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryCastIron(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionCastIron()
showListCastIron = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListCastIron

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryDRT(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionDRT()
showListDRT = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListDRT

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryEastonBow(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionEastonBow()
showListEastonBow = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListEastonBow

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryFrontier(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionFrontier()
showListFrontier = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListFrontier

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryKillCliff(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionKillCliff()
showListKillCliff = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListKillCliff

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryJoeyMines(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionJoeyMines()
showListJoeyMines = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListJoeyMines

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryPredatorNation(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionPredatorNation()
showListPredatorNation = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListPredatorNation

End Function

Function getShowsForCategorySmacked(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionSmacked()
showListSmacked = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListSmacked

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryOutdoorsmanTable(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionOutdoorsmanTable()
showListOutdoorsmanTable = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListOutdoorsmanTable

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryTracks(category As Object) As Object
print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionTracks()
showListTracks = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListTracks

End Function

function getGridControlButtons() as object
buttons = [
{ Title: "Flat-Movie"
ReleaseDate: "HD:5x2 SD:5x2"
Description: "Netflix style"
{ Title: "Flat-Landscape"
ReleaseDate: "HD:5x3 SD:4x3"
Description: "Channel Store"
{ Title: "Flat-Portrait"
ReleaseDate: "HD:5x2 SD:5x2"
Description: "3x4 style posters"
{ Title: "Flat-Square"
ReleaseDate: "HD:7x3 SD:6x3"
Description: "1x1 style posters"
{ Title: "Flat-16x9"
ReleaseDate: "HD:5x3 SD:4x3"
Description: "HD style posters"
return buttons
End Function

'** Video Player Example Application - Detail Screen
'** November 2009
'** Copyright (c) 2009 Roku Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Function preShowDetailScreen(breadA=invalid, breadB=invalid) As Object
screen = CreateObject("roSpringboardScreen")
if breadA<>invalid and breadB<>invalid then
screen.SetBreadcrumbText(breadA, breadB)
end if

return screen
End Function

'** The show detail screen (springboard) is where the user sees
'** the details for a show and is allowed to select a show to
'** begin playback. This is the main event loop for that screen
'** and where we spend our time waiting until the user presses a
'** button and then we decide how best to handle the event.
Function showDetailScreen(screen As Object, showList As Object, showIndex as Integer) As Integer

if validateParam(screen, "roSpringboardScreen", "showDetailScreen") = false return -1
if validateParam(showList, "roArray", "showDetailScreen") = false return -1

refreshShowDetail(screen, showList, showIndex)

'remote key id's for left/right navigation
remoteKeyLeft = 4
remoteKeyRight = 5

while true
msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort())

if type(msg) = "roSpringboardScreenEvent" then
if msg.isScreenClosed()
print "Screen closed"
exit while
else if msg.isRemoteKeyPressed()
print "Remote key pressed"
if msg.GetIndex() = remoteKeyLeft then
showIndex = getPrevShow(showList, showIndex)
if showIndex <> -1
refreshShowDetail(screen, showList, showIndex)
end if
else if msg.GetIndex() = remoteKeyRight
showIndex = getNextShow(showList, showIndex)
if showIndex <> -1
refreshShowDetail(screen, showList, showIndex)
end if
else if msg.isButtonPressed()
print "ButtonPressed"
print "ButtonPressed"
if msg.GetIndex() = 1
PlayStart = RegRead(showList[showIndex].ContentId)
if PlayStart <> invalid then
showList[showIndex].PlayStart = PlayStart.ToInt()
if msg.GetIndex() = 2
showList[showIndex].PlayStart = 0
if msg.GetIndex() = 3
print "Button pressed: "; msg.GetIndex(); " " msg.GetData()
end if
print "Unexpected message class: "; type(msg)
end if
end while

return showIndex

End Function

'** Refresh the contents of the show detail screen. This may be
'** required on initial entry to the screen or as the user moves
'** left/right on the springboard. When the user is on the
'** springboard, we generally let them press left/right arrow keys
'** to navigate to the previous/next show in a circular manner.
'** When leaving the screen, the should be positioned on the
'** corresponding item in the poster screen matching the current show
Function refreshShowDetail(screen As Object, showList As Object, showIndex as Integer) As Integer

if validateParam(screen, "roSpringboardScreen", "refreshShowDetail") = false return -1
if validateParam(showList, "roArray", "refreshShowDetail") = false return -1

show = showList[showIndex]

'Uncomment this statement to dump the details for each show

screen.AddButton(1, "resume playing")
screen.AddButton(2, "play from beginning")

End Function

'** Get the next item in the list and handle the wrap
'** around case to implement a circular list for left/right
'** navigation on the springboard screen
Function getNextShow(showList As Object, showIndex As Integer) As Integer
if validateParam(showList, "roArray", "getNextShow") = false return -1

nextIndex = showIndex + 1
if nextIndex >= showList.Count() or nextIndex < 0 then
nextIndex = 0
end if

show = showList[nextIndex]
if validateParam(show, "roAssociativeArray", "getNextShow") = false return -1

return nextIndex
End Function

'** Get the previous item in the list and handle the wrap
'** around case to implement a circular list for left/right
'** navigation on the springboard screen
Function getPrevShow(showList As Object, showIndex As Integer) As Integer
if validateParam(showList, "roArray", "getPrevShow") = false return -1

prevIndex = showIndex - 1
if prevIndex < 0 or prevIndex >= showList.Count() then
if showList.Count() > 0 then
prevIndex = showList.Count() - 1
return -1
end if
end if

show = showList[prevIndex]
if validateParam(show, "roAssociativeArray", "getPrevShow") = false return -1

return prevIndex
End Function
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