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NHL - "Define Out of Market"

Quote - Up to 40 out of market games per week.

What determines "Out of Market"?

Is this inforced by client IP address?

Go Ducks!

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Re: NHL - "Define Out of Market"

The NHL controls the blackout rules, but from their FAQ:

Due to local blackout rules and regulations, games broadcasts that are available to watch on television in your local market and nationally televised games are not available to watch live or within 48 hours of game completion in NHL GameCenter LIVE™ (see below for other blackout scenarios).

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Re: NHL - "Define Out of Market"

Basically if the game is on your local TV you can't watch the game on the site. If a game is nationally televised you won't be able to watch it on site. Or watch it on channel for that manner.

The service is designed for folks who have a favorite team that are outside of their local area. I like The Pens, but I live in CA. I can watch all Pens games except for national broadcast games. So it's a good service for me. Video quality is very nice. They also have archives. So the blackout games you can watch at a later time if you desire.

If you sign up. You can cancel within five days. If you exceed the five days then your paying for the full season. So you do have those first few days to decide if you want to keep the service.
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Re: NHL - "Define Out of Market"

I have a unique situation based on my location. I am inside the geographic area that WGN Chicago buys the broadcast rights, but not close enough to the Chicago market to receive it. Instead of WGN Chicago, I receive WGN America. There is roughly 20 Blackhawks games broadcast on WGN Chicago. Sadly if I purchase NHL Center Ice I get blacked out due to being too close to Chicago.

When I tested it, it was a HOME Hawks game broadcast on WGN Chicago and was blacked out. Does anyone know if it matters it they are playing home or away? If the Hawks were away, could I view the other teams broadcast feed or is it a full blackout on both feeds?
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Re: NHL - "Define Out of Market"

Blacked out games are archived about 90 mins. or so after they're over so, if you can wait that long, you can watch then.
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