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Community Moderator

NEW: Take our Platform Survey & join the Roku Developers LinkedIn page!

Hi all, we've got two new tools to increase your visibility as a Roku developer:

Take the Platform Survey —

We recently published our first ever Platform Survey — our tool for collecting feedback from our developer and partner communities.

As the driving force behind the Roku Platform, you're feedback is invaluable to our continued growth and improvement. By taking this ten-minute survey, you'll help our Developer Relations team better build tools, resources, and learning materials that are actually useful to you.

Let us know:
* Your preferred tech stack
* Your video hosting solution
* Your preferred method of learning
* Your preferred mode of communication or learning about updates to our platform
* The size of your development team and the resources of your organization

All of this information will help us tap into the workflow and communication methods that you're already plugged into! Help us empower you by taking our Platform Survey.

Take the survey here:

Join the Roku Developer LinkedIn page —

We just created a LinkedIn group dedicated to Roku Developers, and we know of no better community of engaged, knowledgeable developers to help get it off the ground than the fine participants on our Developer Forums!

We’ll be using this page to spark conversation around new developer initiatives and tentpole announcements — it’ll focus on sharing “mission critical” updates as opposed to tutorials or sample channels.

By engaging in conversation around the Roku Platform at a high-level, our hope is that members of the Developer community will be able to establish their expertise and continue to refine their professional brand on LinkedIn.

We encourage participants to not only respond to our posts, but to also start threads of their own. This is a place for you to make connections, share knowledge, collaborate, and start new projects.

Join the group here:
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Roku Guru

Re: NEW: Take our Platform Survey & join the Roku Developers LinkedIn page!

Also consider dropping by the Roku community chat room on StackOverflow, 
viewtopic.php?f=34&t=96769 (or ask questions there - but use is straightforward, if one has web browser and keyboard).
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