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Musiclouds Beta - Jamendo, 8tracks, SoundCloud

I'm still looking for beta testers to test out Musiclouds 1.7.

New features include:

Most data loads at startup so it is faster to navigate between modules
cool visual effects
Search history is correct and preserved
Fixed several crashes that could occur if you switched between modules while a song is still playing.

8tracks: commercial music, mixtape sharing & its all legal.

Mix Search, Genre Tag Browsing, Mix HIstory tracking, several bug fixes


Time display is now correct


Now featuring Jamendo, high quality album oriented, independant, intenational music, creative commons licenses, musicians get paid, it is a good thing.

If you are interested in beta testing, please send me a private message.

- Joel
Screenshades: The first Screensaver for Roku2!
Musiclouds: The best free internet music, on your Roku!
Ouroborialis: Psychedelic Screensaver for Roku!
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Re: Musiclouds Beta - Jamendo, 8tracks, SoundCloud

Joel.  I’d be willing to beta test Musicloud.  I listen to the sound loud option and is in fact the reason I’m here.  It takes forever to load.  All of a sudden, over the past 2 months, I turn it on and have a 15 minute period where it seems to be loading.  It eventually loads, but I’ve started to listen to my favorite music by other means. I’d like to help.  How can I fix that and how can I help?

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