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Most reliable way to check SD vs HD?

So I want to detect if the player of my game is using SD or HD and change a few of the graphics assets based on that.

ifDeviceInfo seems to have multiple methods I could use, but would some give me not quite the accurate results I want? For instance, should I use GetDisplayMode() instead of GetVideoMode(), or something else?

GetDisplayType() as String
Returns the text corresponding to the button selection in the Player Info Settings/Display Type page. Either "HDTV", "4:3 standard", or "16:9 anamorphic"
GetDisplayMode() as String
Returns the configured graphics layer resolution: "480i" or "480p" (if the ui_resolutions manifest entry includes sd as a supported resolution, otherwise "720p" is returned), "720p", or "1080p" (if the ui_resolutions manifest file entry includes fhd as a supported resolution, otherwise "720p" is returned).
GetDisplayAspectRatio() as String
Returns "4x3" or "16x9"
GetDisplaySize() as Object
Returns an roAssociativeArray with keys "w" and "h" that contain the values for the screen width and height respectively, either 720 and 480, or 1280 and 720. Example: { w:1280, h:720 }
GetVideoMode() as String
Returns a string representing the video playback resolution ("480i", "720p", "1080p").
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