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Reliable and Affordable CDN for Live Streaming?

Now I use universal cdn ( for 20 Channels in Europe(10) and United States(10) that are planned for commercial launch in Q2 of 2023. This cdn has free rtmp to hls, with options for a low cost transcoding and DVR. I use my own transcoders, but planning to do a test also on these hls services they offer. Bonus now is that I do not pay upload fees or additional caching fees, compare to some other cdn's that I have used on previous projects. I am happy with the service so far (5 months) and do not want to risk performance for price (I pay 3.5$ per TB), but wondering what other similar options does the community know with a reasonable cost, no or low added fees, reliable and scalable, as we would like to have a different network as backup for our project?

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