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Reel Rookie

Migrating a non-certified channel using the Roku Direct Publisher

Hi, how do I migrate a non-certified channel to a public channel if I used the Roku Direct Publisher to create my beta channels?

Does this section apply to my channels?

Roku sunsetting non-certified channels

Migrating a non-certified channel to a public channel

Developers who want to continue providing uninterrupted access to the content on their non-certified channel at scale can migrate it to a public channel. This entails the following steps:

  1. Package your non-certified channel with the Development Application Installer.
  2. Create a new SDK channel in the Developer Dashboard.
  3. Configure the channel’s propertiesChannel Store metadatamonetization optionsscreenshots, and support information.
  4. Upload the package of the non-certified channel.
  5. If your channel requires users to sign in and be authenticated, provide test credentials.
  6. Provide one or more sets of deep linking parameters.
  7. Run Static Analysis testing and Certification Testing.
  8. Schedule your channel for publishing.
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Channel Surfer

Re: Migrating a non-certified channel using the Roku Direct Publisher

hi @wagbklyn 

If your channel is a Direct Publisher, then it's Public and Published in the Channel Store. There is no option to create Beta channels for the Direct Publisher. Beta channels are available only for SDK apps. 

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