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Channel Surfer

Memory Leak Tool

Is there any tool available to find out the memory leaks in the Roku Scene Graph application?
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Reel Rookie

Re: Memory Leak Tool

No, you need to use 8080 port to debug and find. But for CPU usage there is one
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Roku Guru

Re: Memory Leak Tool

I would think that since screens are created and closed, there would be little to no effect in that regards. Normally that takes place on server side... scripts not being called to close or exit and for that you should be able to notice differences in performance fairly easily and there are many tools for . If you are using PHP scripting I would just make sure to clean and exit or sanitize any scripts once they have been called. 

"No, you need to use 8080"

I believe you mean using command line via 'telnet <your ROKU ip> 8085'
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Re: Memory Leak Tool

Hi, I am using the "sgnodes roots" and "free" command on telnet [ROKU_IP]:8080 to understand if the nodes are really being destroyed as it must. However I started working with a code that is a little bit messy and for what I see it has memory leak issues, there are some views/screens that are removed but somewhere in the code something is holding references for this objects. I've tried to use the bsc in 8085 but it does not help. So what I want is to have a way to know what variables or fields are holding specific node listed on "sgnodes roots". BSProfiler is a good tool but for this I am not sure if it will help, at least for now.

Thanks in advance.

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