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Roku Guru

MarkupGrid or RowList? What should I use?


 I would like to create something like this, but I am not sure what is the correct approach

Section A ---------
itemA1 itemA2 itemA3 itemA4 itemA5 itemA6 .....itemN1

Section B ---------
itemB1 itemB2 itemB3 itemB4 itemB5 itemB6 .....itemN2

first four items of each row are rendered initially and the rest updated on the fly.

I was able to create a MarkupGrid with the horizontal list of SectionA setting 


This gets respected, but when I create both sections, both in both sections  I see multiple rows instead of one per section.

Should I switch to RowList instead?

Or should I create my lists myself and manage focus behaviour between them myself?
Would this also bring off the screen elements on screen automatically when they gain focus? I am afraid they don't?


Bonus question: When I want to have a button between or before those sections, what should I use?
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Re: MarkupGrid or RowList? What should I use?

Alright, i saw your post and after evaluating it, i would suggest you to use row list instead of markup list, as in row list you can easily add title at top of each row, exactly as you want it to be done.
You also want that after 4 rows your data will fetched at run time, so this is also possible using row list, as it provide methods like, rowItemFocused and rowItemSelected, So its easy to go with row list.

If you still have any doubt, then do let me know.

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Roku Guru

Re: MarkupGrid or RowList? What should I use?

Thanks, for the reply. Using RowList and it works more or less. Will come back with questions soon.
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