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Level 7

Making separate rows while making RSS feed

I'm setting up a ScreenGraph channel to have each row to be assigned a show, will setting up a playlist in the RSS feed work?
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Re: Making separate rows while making RSS feed

Yeah, if you want to show data row wise on scene graph then you need to add playlist data in RSS feed, well it would be better for me to help you out more clearly if you can elaborate your question little more, we can show in row format using Row list and Markup grid list.
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Level 7

Re: Making separate rows while making RSS feed

This is what I'm doing for now

Function GetApiArray()

url = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer")


rsp = url.GetToString()

responseXML = ParseXML(rsp)

responseXML = responseXML.GetChildElements()

responseArray = responseXML.GetChildElements()

result = []

for each xmlItem in responseArray

if xmlItem.getName() = "item"

itemAA = xmlItem.GetChildElements()

if itemAA <> invalid

item = {}

for each xmlItem in itemAA

item[xmlItem.getName()] = xmlItem.getText()

if xmlItem.getName() = "media:content" = {url : xmlItem.url}

item.url = xmlItem.getAttributes().url

item.streamFormat = "mp4"

mediaContent = xmlItem.GetChildElements()

for each mediaContentItem in mediaContent

if mediaContentItem.getName() = "media:thumbnail"

item.HDPosterUrl = mediaContentItem.getattributes().url

item.hdBackgroundImageUrl = mediaContentItem.getattributes().url

end if

end for

end if

end for


end if

end if

end for

return result

End Function

If I make my own RSS feed, what language should I use?
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