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Lots of transactions being removed from Sales Activity report

Roku won't get back to me on this major bug report, so I'm going to keep warning others until it's fixed.

Whole dates are gone from my Sales Activity report today, 6/1/2022, 6/5/2022, and others.  Each date has 30+ transactions in yesterday's download.  I download daily and insert into Excel to keep track of things.

I don't know what Roku is doing but it's **bleep** scary to see transactions missing from the sales report.  If Roku uses this report on the last day of the month and it returns missing dates, I would assume that the payout would be way short.

In fact, my last two months have been quite a bit short, but I can't nail it down yet to a currency conversion issue or if the amount is equal to what a particular channel earned on its own, missing dates, etc.

I'm not saying anything malicious is going on, but a bug in the payment system is not something to ignore!

I wish the tech team would report back to me what they think is happening and assure me and others it will be fixed.  There is no reason on Earth why a database pull on 6/30 for the whole month of June should return missing dates that were there prior.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?  Is the Sales Activity report something we shouldn't be using but rather the Payouts report?  If so, why are there different types of reports and why does one type have a bug to this degree.


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Re: Lots of transactions being removed from Sales Activity report

When pulling the Sales Activity report "is in range 2022/6/1 to 2022/6/30", 6/5/2022 has been removed.  This was 25+ transactions.

When pulling the Sales Activity report "is in the month of June", 6/1 and 6/5 have been removed, totalling more than 50 transactions.


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