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Level 7

Locking Down a Roku

Is there a way to prevent a general user from making any changes to settings on a Roku player? Ideally, i'd like to deploy these devices to locations where they can only run the script that the admin installs on it, and cannot add channels, change from wired to wifi, or make any other changes.
Level 10

Re: Locking Down a Roku


You can add a PIN number for adding channels (but not removing), but that's about it. Based on your brief description, Roku's probably not the best choice for that application. We've got a related company (spun off from Roku a couple of years ago) that builds products for just these kinds of applications: They use BrightScript as well.
Level 7

Re: Locking Down a Roku

Yes. This would be a nice feature. My autistic son keeps wiping out ALL the saved channels. So, we have to start over every time.