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LiveTV issue - 1080i (high bitrate) OTA garbled

Today a user of our Emby Roku application asked me a question. They asked if I could approach Roku about proper support for mpeg2.

This is my response:

"sure. I can compose something for that in a bit. I need to phrase it in a way that doesn't sound overly harsh and in a way that helps them understand. I can explain to them that LiveTV is our primary function of Emby and this puts our Roku app at a disadvantage compared to other platforms we develop on. That it would be in their best interest to provide a better LiveTV experience for users via proper mpeg2 playback. This way Roku will be a leader of LiveTV streams rather than the follower. Sure."

for reference here is that thread: ... h-bitrate/

I do not want our users to feel they need to abandon the Roku platform to find stability. I am hoping that there are others on this forum, those reading this right now that also want proper playback of their legal OTA LiveTV streams through their Roku device. It puts us at a disadvantage on Roku since I mentioned above that we cannot control these defects. All we can do is work around them and transcode the media to a lower bitrate. This is far from an optimal solution. But it is the only one we can at this moment prescribe. Please help us and yourselves by seriously spending time fixing these mpeg2 issues on all your Roku devices on OS 9.0.

Thank you for your time. As a user of OTA LiveTV I appreciate everyone reading this and taking the time to reply. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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