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Live video streaming (video node) lot of buffering issue


i have built an application to stream live video content. Everything is working fine. The only issue is that whenever a stream needs to re-buffer it gets stuck on loading for a long time. While in VLC the same stream run smoothly without any freeze or re-buffer. I tried to stream it as hls and as .ts, ts is more stable but it still freezing. streams bitrate are vary from 900k to 2000k, 3000k, 5000k depending on the source. I implemented a keyevent that refresh the video. Sometimes when i press refresh it gets stuck on loading on first try but if i click refresh another time it works. any suggestion?
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Level 7

Re: Live video streaming (video node) lot of buffering issue

I'm having similar issues with live streams on Channel Pear
Have you found any solutions?
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