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Linking my Roku player - getting link code

Ok... I have built the channel app. and have been uploading and tweaking it until I am happy.

I am ready to publish my first channel
I have packaged the channel and uploaded it.
All seems to be in order.

Now, I want to use my "access code" for beta testing, but a dialog comes up that tells me I must have at least 1 Roku Player linked to my account. I found the link page that adds a player to the account. I click it and a dialog comes up asking for the Link Code which I am to get from the player. OK.

I have been using one as my developer device...
But to my chagrin... I am stuck here. How do I actually go out and link the player to my account?
In the "Channel Packaging and Publishing" pdf, chaper 2.3 talks about it, and says: "The device will present an account linking page to the user when they enter the channel Store on the device for the first time."
What does that mean???
More simply, how do I get my player linked to my account so I can run the beta?

Thanks... I am sure I will be slapping my forehead shortly.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Linking my Roku player - getting link code

From the Roku device, try to access the "Channel Store" icon on the main menu screen. If it doesn't present you with a code, you'll most likely need to do a factory reset on the roku and run through the setup again, and then re-enable developer mode and rekey the roku.
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Reel Rookie

Re: Linking my Roku player - getting link code

what does "publish my first channel" mean? the word in question is "publish".


I am new. copy the answer to:

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