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Linked List implementation

Hi there,

I'd like to implement a Linked List of objects ( in BritghtScript. The problem I am facing is that it seems there's no References to objects in BrightScript. I am not sure if I am missing something or if that's actually a case.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: Linked List implementation

Associative arrays can be used like objects. Maybe that's what you're missing.

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Re: Linked List implementation

Actually, there is a way you can do this.  If we assume a one-directional linked list, we can create a function that returns our object which stores some data for the node.  I'll start with a function that creates a node object and provides a method for setting the next object:

function CreateNode(d)
	node = {
		SetNext	: function (x) : m.Next = x : return x : end function
		GetNext : function () : return m.Next : end function
		NextNode: Invalid
		Data: d
	return node
end function

My SetNext() function will take a node object and set its next object, returning the object for further manipulation.  I'll use GetNext() in order to walk the linked list later.  (You could simplify this a bit I'm sure since I'm very new to BrightScript).

In my Main() function for testing purposes, I'll create a root node object, then add a few nodes to it.  I'll use a string for my node data, but you could use any other type of object you create (note the types are roAssociativeArray values for the nodes themselves).

	' Create root node
	root = CreateNode("Hello World! ")
	' Add nodes to each one returned
	nextNode = root.SetNext(CreateNode("Hello Next Node! "))
	nextNode = nextNode.SetNext(CreateNode("Another Node! "))
	nextNode = nextNode.SetNext(CreateNode("Last Node!"))
	' Start from root
	node = root
	result = ""
	' Walk nodes until no more found
	while node <> Invalid
        result = result + node.Data
		node = node.GetNext()
	end while
	' Print the combined string
	print result

If you run upload this app, compile and run it, you should see the following in the developer console:

Hello World! Hello Next Node! Another Node! Last Node!


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Level 7

Re: Linked List implementation

This looks like a great suggestion! Will try it out, thanks!

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