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Level 8

Line on roMessageDialog

When I put an roMessageDialog or roOneLineDialog on top of an roSpringboardScreen, there is this line on the overlay behind the dialog. Is there any theme value I can use to either make this line not appear or move it up to coincide with the Overhang height?

Any help is appreciated.
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Level 7

Re: Line on roMessageDialog

I don't know of a way to move the line up (or make it go away), so I've generally tweaked the overhang to make it bigger and coincide with the line. If you follow the suggested dimensions for the overhang then it will line up correctly: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25476&hilit=maximum+graphic+pixels

Alternatively, if you call EnableOverlay(true) on the dialog the line won't show up at all, but it also won't dim the screen behind the dialog.
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Level 9

Re: Line on roMessageDialog

This also happens on the PinEntry screen. Too bad there is no EnableOverlay(true) available for that screen. Have to live with the ugly black line.
Kinetics Screensavers
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