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Bitrates and streamqualities?

Did something change with the latest firmware wrt to the media sequence in XML? Our channel is having numerous reports of users unable to play our streams over the past couple weeks. In trying to debug this I've moved around the order in our XML of HD and SD as well as the bitrates high to low and low to high. We want to serve the same bitrates for both SD and HD, considering we may have a user with an SD TV but a high bandwidth stream, we want them to get the 2mbps stream. And if we have another user with HD TV but a low bandwidth connection, should we serve the low band stream as HD or will his HD-set roku accept the SD quality stream? Is there a proper way to do this documented somewhere?

I tried changing the SD from the exact same bitrate to 1 less to see if it helps;

Before we were listing both bitrates at both SD and HD and we didn't have any reports of problems until a couple weeks ago. Is the XML causing issues? Anyone else having new issues recently?

PS 2 issues i presume are with the XML as above: (1) not currently seeing the 'HD' designation while the video is loading; and (2) some of the movies have even higher bitrates but roku is choosing the 2mbps stream even though playback debug shows 25mbps available.
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