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LabelList Icon

Hi Guys.
I seem to be having some trouble and the SDK docs are vague as we know. I am trying to add various icons to the contentnodes in my label list. I have the icons made in a 9 patch png. I can only get them to show only on the highlighted item when I do this...

m.categorylist.focusBitmapUri = "pkg:/images/cat.9.png"
 m.categorylist.focusBitmapBlendColor = "0xFFFFFFFF"
  m.categorylist.sectionDividerSpacing = "60"
  m.categorylist.drawFocusFeedback = true

I'm assuming by the docs, this is what happens when the entire control loses focus...
 m.categorylist.focusFootprintBlendColor = "0xFFFFFFFF"
m.categorylist.focusFootprintBitmapUri = "pkg:/images/cat2.9.png"
and not when an item doesn't have focus.

I'd like all the items to have a "Folder" icon indicating it is a folder. Is this something on the contentnode that is inserted? Or how do I go about doing that?
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