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Keyboard focusBitmapUri image size

Hello all,

Seems to be a recurrent problem for many of us, so maybe someone can answer this once for all.

I am trying to customize the Keyboard component.

1. changing the keyboard background using the provided template seems to work perfectly
2. trying to change the focus, and i am stuck

The best result i have is to use Android Studio Simple Nine-Patch: ... tches.html

I provided the same cell size as 1 of the cell from the keyboard template (60x55 png image), as a result i have a 62x57 image "keyboard-focus.9.png" 
Everything looks great, the png is well resized when switching from simple to double cells of the keyboard (so i guess the image size is correct).

But if the Keyboard component looses focus, it jumps in the right down direction, and jump back top-left direction if keyboard get focus back.
Restoring the default focus removes the issue.

Is this a bug from the component ?
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