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Is there a feed size limit?

We've had our channel up, working fine, for several months.  In short, we've got our videos hosted on Vimeo, which are then made available on our website. I'm using the RSS from our website (a slightly customized version) to power our Roku channel.  Everything's worked fine for months.

I discovered today that, several days ago, it suddenly crashed - all my video URLs were listed as unavailable. 

The only thing on my end that changes over time is the number of videos going out.  The latest number was 245 videos, and I was getting an error that 245 video URLs were not available.

I rolled back a week, to when there were 241 videos.  Guess what?  It worked.

I can think of several explanations and will work on exploring them all, but hopefully somebody can rule one out for me:

* There's a limit to the size of the feed, and I hit it.  It's unclear to me if there'd be a limit on the number of items, the actual physical size of the feed file, or the total size of the videos. The error about video URLs not being available seems misleading if that's the case, but that's a whole different question.

* I inadvertently broke our feed somehow between items 241 and 245.  You'd think that if I actually made an unparseable RSS file that would be a different error, like a failure to ingest or something. But, again, <shrug>? First we rule out possible causes, then we worry about how they're handled.

* Vimeo was actually having a problem serving my videos, some sort of outage on their side, which miraculously happened to get fixed right as I was addressing the problem on our side.  I don't expect that this was the issue.  The videos themselves continued to be available on the blog.


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Re: Is there a feed size limit?

According to Roku Partner Success, there is no limitation on the size of your feed file.

No limitations for the size of the feed or the number of items within the feed. The feed must meet the Direct Publisher feed specifications.

More than likely, the problem resides with Vimeo.  If you search this forum, you'll find lots of Vimeo complaints.

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